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Dec 23 2017, 09:28 PM
It was a small beastman herd. There were probably less than a hundred, and none of them too strong. Just the standard mix of Gor and Ungor, aside from the Bray-Shaman. He was the one to watch today. Their meager Bray-Herd had gathered around the shaman, chanting invocations to the dark gods. The shaman had been having visions, and he meant to summon a messenger to give him the truth behind them.

The Bray-Shaman held up his hand, drawing a flint knife across his palm. He pressed his palm to the flat boulder he'd chosen as his altar, drawing the eight-pointed Star of Chaos in his blood. All around him, the chanting rose to a crescendo, a hundred voices calling out in the harsh, guttural Beastman language. The shaman took a step back, and the blood on the altar began to bubble. It began to spread, forming a puddle far larger than should be possible for how little the goatman had bled.

Suddenly, a pulse went through the clearing, shaking the trees around them. It was as if reality started to tear, opening up just enough to let something through. The blood rose in a mass, forming a towering humanoid shape. This was a Bloodletter, stronger than the usual. The first among Khorne's Heralds had shown himself. He wore some bits of armor, and a cape covered in bleached skulls hung from his back. Skulltaker turned towards the beastman who'd summoned him, looking down at the goat. The demon had a disgusted look on his face, servants of the Blood God never took too kindly to magic. "So you're the one who has seen the visions." The Fateweaver, the great demonic sorcerer who was overseeing this whole operation, had been sending cryptic dreams to some beastman, meaning to start an uprising. Could this paltry band really be his pawns?
Feb 9 2017, 12:39 AM
Skulltaker was in the first rank, with the cavalry. A ways off to the right, maybe fifty yards down the line, Archaon rode just ahead of the main battle line. The Everchosen was unmistakable. Wind swirled around him, and flames rose from his sword and his horse's hooves. It baffled Skulltaker that even after Archaon showed all the signs, some tribes still denied that the gods had chosen him.

After today, there would be one less tribe. Archaon's army had caught them at the coast, making ready to board ships and sail for more promising lands. With Archaon here, they wouldn't dare set sail before he was dealt with, not when he could hurl fire after them. They had them effectively cornered.

The demon glanced off to his left, where Ylva Mountainbreaker rode less than ten yards away. He'd worked with her before recently, and grown to respect the Champion of Khorne. He raised his sword in salute to her and her warband, turning his attention back towards the enemy. Mostly mounted, which annoyed him. Khul'Tyran was a loyal steed, but he preferred fighting on foot. Maybe when they marched south they'd face more infantry. Now, however he fought on Juggernaut-back. The Varg horsemen spurred their horses, charging uphill towards Archaon's host. With that, the Everchosen gave the signal, and horns up and down the line signaled a charge. Skully gave his demonic mount a kick, charging down at the renegade tribe with a deafening war-cry.
Oct 10 2016, 05:25 PM
It was a pretty out of the way place, a lone yurt out in the wastes. Warp energy was so thick in the air he could practically taste it. U'zuhl dismounted, leaving his sword strapped to Khul'Tyran's saddle. It would be a gesture of good faith, entering without his sword even on him. That way, the sorcerer would be less likely to assume he was there demanding a duel. And if he did cause trouble, the demon was certain he could put him down without the need for a sword.

Skulltaker ducked low, pushing aside the flap and stepping into the yurt. He normally would tower even over the hulking Kurgans, but in here he had to stay stooped. Even hunched down, his horns grazed across the covering above their heads. "Skinmagus, I have been looking for you." He opened his cape, making it clear he was unarmed. He wanted his host to be as at ease as possible, it made negotiations easier.

"I come on behalf of a champion by the name of Archaon. The Gods have selected him as the Everchosen." The demon's voice was a low rumble. "He would like you to join his host, in a position of honor as sorcerer and agent. The time is fast approaching that we will sweep away the weaklings of the south, and he hopes you will help in this." It was always a gamble, inviting a Tzeentch worshiper to help with anything. Sometimes they helped, sometimes they were outraged at not being in charge, sometimes they pretended to help while undermining the operation. They would need to keep a close eye out.
Sep 23 2016, 06:58 PM
There wasn't much opposition. Then again, there weren't many of them, either. Skulltaker's human ally only had a dozen or so warriors. All elite, all skilled, but few in number. Down below were four or five times their number of dwarves. Not the best Kraka Drak had to offer, surely. Mostly soldiers in chainmail, with hand axes and wooden shields. A couple dozen of their Quarrelers, crossbowdwarfs in leather. And at their head, a lower-ranking Thane wielding a greataxe. That was U'zuhl's target.

He watched from the treeline, surveying the battlefield. The dwarves were on the march in the valley below, slowed down by the foot and a half of snow. It would slow the Chaos warriors too, but their longer legs would carry them through it better. He drew his cape around himself, ready to weather the storm of crossbow bolts that would come their way soon.

The demon paced, impatient. He wasn't keen on flanking attacks like this, but for now he was following Ylva's lead. She was a capable commander, with a long history of serving the Blood God well. He had to trust her judgement for now. U'zuhl turned to her, a heavily armored woman nearly as tall as him. "Are your warriors ready, Champion?" He rested his hand on his sword, his fiery eyes turning back towards the valley. "I will challenge their Thane. The others, your fighters should handle well."
Sep 22 2016, 10:58 PM
Skulltaker is the Blood God's personal executioner, a supremely skilled duelist who seeks out the strongest of foes. He's almost single-minded in his goals, valuing a good fight above all else. When he joins up with others, it's generally because he believes they'll help him get those fights he wants.


If you're affiliated with Chaos, that's a good start. If you're specifically linked to Khorne, even better. Skulltaker's always eager to have strong, skilled brothers and sisters in arms. He's even willing to work with non-Chaos forces, so long as they align themselves with the Blood God's interests.

U'zuhl goes through these like tissues. He takes pride in making enemies, quickly dispatching them, and moving on to the next. If you want to get on his true hate list, though, then cheat in a duel with him. Trap him, call in friends, or simply outrun him. He's slower than most Bloodletters, about as fast as a regular human warrior. Do that, he will hate you beyond reason.

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