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Jun 4 2017, 10:02 AM
Pavel didn't like this plan at all. He was one of the worst people to be Mannfred's emissary. He preferred to work in the shadows, dealing with beggars and outcasts, not talking with wealthy vampires. That, and his bloodline had a long history of being hunted for sport by the other bloodlines. Most would see him as hostile. He had to walk on eggshells here, and with his stature that wasn't easy.

The Strigoi picked his way through the marshes, sharp ears listening for any sign of trouble. He could feel the magic here, being drawn towards one place. Like so many other vampires and necromancers before him, this von Jermag was drawing on Hel Fenn's power, no doubt gathering some undead. That meant he wouldn't be alone. If he attacked Pavel could summon his own, but he'd be at a disadvantage from the start. The vampire pulled his hood lower over his face.

"Weimar von Jermag?" He approached cautiously, moving slowly. This vampire was young, not even two centuries old yet, but Pavel hadn't survived this long by being careless. "I come with word from Mannfred von Carstein." He stopped a decent distance away, still mostly hidden under a worn brown robe. His hands, however, gave it away. Gray, dead-looking flesh with razor-sharp claws peeked out from under his sleeves. Combined with his noticeable Strigany accent, it was clear enough what he was.
Jan 13 2017, 08:17 PM
It paid to make friends with Halflings. They weren't treated well in the Empire, and many of them were willing to let some things slip if they thought their people would be protected. It certainly didn't hurt that the Imperials had no problem using them. The soldiers used them as cooks, the citizens used them as punching bags. It put them in the perfect position to be his eyes and ears in the camps. And lately, they'd been seeing and hearing some very interesting things.

He'd had to come to Bechafen personally in the weeks since his necromancer there had been killed. Apparently, the wizard had hired a Skaven to help. That had caused quite a stir in the camp. Pavel had to put some things on hold, but it was worth it. Amethyst wizards always walked a razor's edge between legal magic and necromancy. One who was willing to work with the ratkin was willing to do some unsavory things for a good cause. Maybe he could sway her.

He'd been told she would be walking in the woods outside the city that night. It didn't take him long to find her. Even with his weak grasp of magic, he could sense her power. The vampire approached, wearing a long, raggedy hooded cloak. "You are the wizard who killed that necromancer recently, yes?" He stepped closer, towering over her. He wanted to be ready to react if she lashed out.
Oct 30 2016, 01:01 AM
Pavel is a Strigoi Ghoul King, an outcast vampire from a twisted, bestial bloodline. He's tried to rise above the beastly stereotype, educating himself and trying to keep a calm, reasonable demeanor. That demeanor does often break down, but he tries to control his temper. He fancies himself something of a monster manufacturer, and is hoping that once Mannfred gets established he can get a proper facility to make his creatures.


If you're in Mannfred's New Vampire Order, then you're at least allies. Pavel wants to make more friends, too. He wants people to understand his cause, and to help bring the Strigoi out of the metaphorical shadows. If you show sympathy to their plight, then he'll be eager to listen to you. He won't trust you implicitly, but he wants to make as many friends and allies as he can.


Now here's a list. As a vampire, most humans hate, fear, and hunt him. As a Strigoi, most other vampires hate, fear, and hunt him. He also holds a special hatred for Greenskins, though he won't hesitate to work with them if he thinks they can be useful. He won't turn down any weapon he can use, even if they are the barbarians who took his people's ancestral homeland.All in all, Pavel doesn't want to make enemies, but they just keep lining up on their own.


Possible, but very unlikely. Pavel's used to the idea of being seen as a hideous monster, so he generally doesn't look for any sort of romance or fling. He's usually happy enough when people don't try to kill him on sight, he's satisfied with that.
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