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Gwydion the Searcher

High Elf

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Jan 4 2018, 06:30 PM
Gwydion is a High Elf mage, fresh from Ulthuan. He's come to the Old World in search of lost elven (or magical in general) artifacts to bring back home and show up his elder siblings with, and maybe just wants to live on the edge for a while, no? He wants to see the world, find its secrets, and return home with wealth and glory.


Gwydion left his friends behind on Ulthuan, but is eager and optimistic about finding new ones on his journeys. He'd most easily get along with fellow academics and mages, especially elves, but is curious about other (non-Chaos related) traditions too. He's also always looking for willy card players to take on.


Gwydion doesn't have enemies at the moment, per say. He left a string of humiliated academic rivals behind in Ulthuan, along with his competitive siblings, but the Old World is a new start for him. His newfound love of gambling, though, has unfortunately left behind a few angry players, as has his habit of paying people with fake gold.


Gwydion was never the smoothest operator in Ulthuan, being consumed by his studies. When it comes to love, he's rather shy, but find a lover isn't something he's opposed to on principle.
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