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 Witch Hunter For Hire!
Markus Hofner
 Posted: Sep 4 2017, 02:03 AM
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Markus is a Freelance Witch Hunter, roaming the lands of the Empire - its grubby towns, steeping forests and motley villages - on the hunt for the condemned, the mage and the mutant. He has been active for just over ten years, and has a considerable reputation around the Middenland area; having recently moved to the border provinces in the north-east of the Empire looking for greater challenges.


Given the nature of his profession, he is not fond of having 'friends' around. Despite this, and whilst he would never admit it, there would be room for one or two close companions who would not doubt one day become friends. He would be looking for people who would have skills he could put to use, in exchange for coin.


Markus would have a lot of enemies, from lowly cuthroats, rival hunters all the way through to Deamon Cultists, Rogue Mages and more. Currently one of his enemies is 'Pavel' (although he is presently unaware of the Vampires name or appearance).


He currently is not interested in Lovers.
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