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 Snakk VII, Rat Ogre WIP
 Posted: Dec 20 2016, 04:26 PM
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Name: Snakk VII

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Race: Experimental Rat Ogre

Sexuality: N/A

Allegiance: Skittven, as he serves “Master,” blindly.

Occupation: Bodyguard

Appearance: Standing tall as an Ogre, with a hunched back and an ape stance, not many who look upon Snakk notice minor details. His fur is almost coal black, with faint traces of blood and filth, as common with many Moulder monsters. Everywhere there is a patch of skin, his creator with loving detail gave him the marks of

Equipment: Can be simple things like clothing or tools, or more complex stuff like magical weapons. If your character does have special items, make sure there's a reason for them to have something. You can't just find a magic sword in a lake.

Skills: What can your character do? Sometimes this means combat, sometimes it means a skill with languages. Any non-magical abilities that could come into play should be mentioned here.

Personality: Again, at least one good paragraph. Give your fellow players an idea of who they'll be playing with.

History: Life is never easy for a skaven slave and that’s doubly true for a Moulder slave. One such slave, grew into what is now known as Snakk. His earliest memoirs were being shaped into the form of a Ratogre, his form reshaped into a large, frightful monster but he was not the largest Ratogre, but, he was among the smartest. Well, comparatively. When he became conscious after his transformation, he "learned" he was being the 7th try at that experiment, and being the only one to live past 5 weeks. Within a month, he was sold to a Richtus warlord, Grottn. He never knew what became of his master, though it is confirmed a rival Master Moulder fought him, and burned his notes by accident. His form twisted and his mind shattered, he became truly subservient to whoever was “Master.”
Among his most notable deeds, he once fought an Ogre Maneater. It was a short, albeit bloodied match, ending with the Maneaters Gut-Plate being used as a basic implement to sever his head. He spent a good amount of time with Grottn, having fought Night Goblins, other Skaven, and once, he found a subterranean clan of beastmen. They were overwhelmed, but Snakk did get his weapon of choice from them before he retreated: A large spiked metal wrist band, used by a Minotaur, that came with a free severed arm.
Grottn was a good master, for a Skaven, but times are getting rough. His pace is slowing, and the tight grip he has his lair is weakening. Despite his loyalty, Snakk is waiting. Perhaps a new master will come. Perhaps Snakk will get to leave once more.

Player Name: Gorkamorka

Feedback Format: Skype*

RP Sample: A sample post to show your writing chops. Only needed for your first character, and doesn't need to be for the actual character. Just something to show what you can do.
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 Posted: Mar 4 2017, 03:04 PM
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