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 Alaric, The Glittering
 Posted: Sep 17 2017, 08:21 PM
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Name: Alaric

Age: 55

Gender: Male

Race: Human (Empire, Stirlander)

Sexuality: Homosexual

Allegiance: The Empire, the Golden Order of the Imperial Colleges of Magic

Occupation: Imperial Wizard of the Golden Order, Alchemist

Appearance: At 5ft9 in height, when most people see Alaric, they only see the golden robes and ornate silver mask he swaddles himself within. Under that lies a man with rather pale skin, with short black hair, laced wuth silver and a hairless face. Originally having been born with grey eyes, 37 years of tutelage in the Lore of Metal have resulted in them becoming a shimmering golden colour that is pretty alluring to look at. Alaric's thin body also serves as a tapestry of the life he had lived before joining the Colleges of Magic; all manner of scars dot his back, clearly the work of belts and hot metals. The most prominent scar is his right hand, in that the last two fingers have been replaced by a prosthesis. His face is high-cheeked, with a broken nose. In spite of his youthful appearance, the Wizard is actually older than he seems, due to his delvings into the Winds of Magic.

Equipment: Various alchemical implements, including phials of flaming naphtha for offensive use. A sword crafted by his own hands, a travelling pack, clean clothes, smithing tools and a pistol.

Woven from the finest golden Arabyan silks and infused with the wind of Chamon, these robes soft and smooth to the touch. When struck though, the magic within causes the silk to become as hard as full plate. Also, the robes are resilient to extreme heat, a necessity given Alaric's profession.

The Twins
Wrought from the gilded remnants of Alaric's original ring and pinky fingers, these jointed replacements are animated by the powers of the Yellow Wind, allowing them move as though they were fingers of flesh and bone.

Staff of the Gilded Conductor
Shaped like an eagle, this staff serves a twofold purpose. The ruby at that the top serves as a repository from which to draw magical energy. The body, wrought from magically-hardened copper, serves to channel excess energies away from Alaric; should he overextend himself, by jabbing the staff into the ground, he can earth those energies before they damage him.

Skills: Having spent much of his early life as the apprentice of his abusive blacksmith adoptive father, combined with years spent within the Golden Order, Alaric's most impressive physical skill is smithing. Combined with his prowess in the Golden Wind, he is capable of crafting beautiful blades and armour. Due to the Golden Order's close bonds with the Imperial Engineer's Guild, gunsmithing and some degree of engineering were added to Alaric's repertoire, allowing him to craft his replacement fingers. An early life spent in the Empire's most impoverished State, which also happens to border the undead-blighted lands of Sylvania, has taught Alaric how to handle a sword and firearms, a choice that is reflected in his choice to carry a sword and pistol amongst his effects...granted, they serve the purpose of being backup weapons when the Winds of Magic wane lowest. The years spent as a Gold Wizard had also resulted in potent skills as an alchemist, couple of creating all manner of lethal concoctions and solvents...naphtha happens to be a personal favourite. With alchemy comes a skill in appraisal further enhanced by the Lore of Metal...its hard to get a forged coin past the Wizard's eye. A plethora of survival skills are also present, a necessity when having lived so close to Sylvania.

Naturally, as is a requirement for the Empire's Gold Wizards, Alaric is an intelligent individual. He speaks his native Reikspiel with the received pronunciation of the Imperial nobility, though times of stress can cause his original Stirland accent to come out. He also counts the Breton, Kislevite, Arabyan and Estalian languages among his repertoire. The Wizard also has an eye for detail and an encyclopedic knowledge of crafting styles.

Lore of Metal

Stoke the Forge
By blowing on a fire, the wizard can cause it to burn far hotter for a few hours without consuming any more fuel.

Tale of Metal
By touching a metal object, the wizard can see its past. Anything done with or to the metal, the wizard can catch quick glimpses.

Law of Form
Strengthens an inanimate object, making it hard as steel for a few minutes. This has no effect on its outward appearance, but makes it incredibly difficult to damage in any way. Commonly used to reinforce doors and windows.

Fool's Gold
For a few hours, can make an object or group of objects seem more valuable than they really are. Copper coins appear as gold, rusted blades appear to be perfectly maintained masterpieces, and so on.

Secret Rune
A spell used to send secret messages between Gold Wizards. One way to use this spell inscribes a hidden message on an object. The message is completely invisible, until the spell is used in the second way. One use will reveal the message, another will hide it once again.

Transformation of Metal
Instantly reshapes any nonmagical metal object into another object of the same mass and material. They must touch the object to do this. The more powerful the wizard, the finer the craftsmanship.

Silver Arrows of Ahra
Conjures a few magic arrows, firing them ahead of the wizard. After impact, the arrows disappear.

Breach the Unknown
The wizard looks deeply at an object, uncovering its secrets over the course of a few minutes. They learn what the object is made of, how it's put together, and any workings or compartments it may have. If there are any curses or other dangers, those are revealed last.

Searing Doom
The wizard shoots burning shards of metal from their fingertips, spraying like grapeshot over a small area.

Alaric's Curse of Molten Blood
with a gesture of power fuelled by anger, the Metal Wizard forces a curse into the victim's blood. Once cast, the target's very blood is transformed into molten metal, burning them to death from the inside. Indeed, those who succumb are described as leaking the molten metal from their eyes, ears, nose and mouth. Naturally, this spell doesn't work on creatures wrought of fire, molten metal or simply lack blood altogether. Strong-willed individuals can survive, though would require healing in order to regain full functionality from their crippled bodies. Those who are naturally resilient to magic would vary; the worst being less crippling, more easily healed internal burning whilst at best, it can feel like an unpleasant fever (depending on level of resistance).

Enchanted Blades of Aiban
Infuses weapons of nearby friends with Chamon, honing them and giving them the power to harm even ghosts. Lasts only a minute or two.

Glittering Robe
Any friends near the wizard have their skin turned to living metal for a minute or two. A powerful protective spell.

Law of Gold
With a glance, a powerful Gold Wizard can seal a magical object, completely suppressing its powers for a few minutes.

Transmutation of Lead
A stronger form of Armor of Lead. Rather than making things feel like lead, this spell turns any inanimate object on someone's person into lead for a minute or two. This can affect entire groups of people, leaving them struggling under the weight of their clothing.

Final Transmutation
The ultimate spell of Chamon, and a terrifying one at that. It strikes at random among groups, turning some of them into golden statues, effectively instantly killing them. This transformation leaves everyone who sees it stunned, sometimes unable to move from the shock of what they saw.

Personality: Like many of the Gold Wizards trained by the Imperial Colleges of Magic, Alaric cuts a mysterious and aloof figure...the better to avoid hassle whilst travelling. When in the company of friends and companions, that facade is cast away, revealing a man who's very heart is as gold as the magic he utilises. Having had a most unfortunate early life, the Wizard possesses a great degree of philanthropy, having done what he can the troubles of others. Such an aspect is twisted to a degree by the fabled arrogance of the Golden Order, often seeing himself as often being in the right when it comes to the welfare of the common man. Another trait of Alaric's is that he is a studious man who wishes use his knowledge for the betterment of the Empire. That is not to say that he has his indulgences; indeed, he has been known to shape things because it pleases him to do so. Passion in the pursuit of the knowledge of Chamon and it's influences upon the world is also inherent, resulting in a strong desire to properly push this knowledge further.

It should be noted that, while the Wizard has a cool temperament befitting that of his order, one thing that truly grinds his gears is seeing those in a position of power abusing the weak. In particular, what most draws his wrath is the sight of an adult being cruel to a child. While he doesn't kill them, Alaric leaves them with a painful experience, marking them just as his own experiences of mistreatment mark him. Furthermore, the Wizard bears a strong hatred of undead, having not forgotten that it were they who pushed him into his earlier years of misery. As such, it befuddles his fellow Magisters who know this that he didn't choose the Light College instead.

History: Born at some point in the year 2453, the Wizard known as Alaric the Glittering was born to Stirland peasants who lived in a village several miles from the border with the cursed land of Sylvania. At this point, Alaric remembers little of his youth, save for the grubbiness of his old village and how destitute it was, even by Stirland's dreadfully low standards. He remembers that his birth parents were mushroom farmers, something that came in handy for the poor soil quality of the region, and often smelled noticeably bad. Because of this, while not exactly rich, the family did reasonably well and never went hungry. That wasn't to last; when he was six years old, the Wizard-to-be's village was attacked by an undead raiding party, spearheaded by a red-headed, young-looking Vampire. Swiftly, Alaric's mother hoisted him into the village well, hoping to hide him. Just as she finished, he watched as a rusty blade pierced through her back and was showered with her blood...but nothing noticed wear he was. He would be in that well for three days, surviving on the water and whatever invertebrates called the damp depths home. Eventually, he was found by the Stirland army after some scouts stopped in the area and stopped to check the well. Within, they found the boy; wide-eyed with fear and mildly hypothermic, he was still alive. They would drop him off at a town, where the local authorities would foist him upon a local blacksmith; it would become the beginning of 8 years of misery for Alaric.

Indeed, for the smith was drunken bully who would beat his charge for even the slightes mistake, or, as he suspects, simply because he enjoyed having someone weaker than him. Still, he was fed and his caretaker did teach him how to smith...even if the mistakes resulted in the occasional branding for even a slightly bent nail. Outside of this informal apprenticeship, the boy would be made to run errands around the town of Schalvend, being made to carry heavy weapons to the local garrison. No one stopped to see how Alaric was faring, save for a girl he had befriend, but in the end, he found that he did enjoy smithing, even though his teacher was a monster who'd often left him battered and bruised. One day, on his 14th birthday, enough was enough; after suffering another torrent of abuse, he finally punched his caretaker, splitting the repulsive man's lip in the process. Enraged at this show of defiance, the Blacksmith grabbed Alaric's hand and began to gradually force it into a small fount of molten gold. The boy screamed as the skin of his fingers was burned off by the metal. It was this moment that something buried within him awaking; drawing upon an energy that he had only felt before, he forced it into his assailant. Now it was the blacksmith's turn to scream as his own blood seemed to catch ablaze; it came out as molten metal from his eyes, ears, nose and mouth. Eventually, he collapsed to the floor with a loud clang. This event would not go unnoticed, as the locals saw for themselves the act of magic that had been formed. Before a lynching mob could be formed, the local Lord, Marius von Klieber, and his bodyguards intervened. After Alaric told his story, Marius, being a devotee of Shallya and Sigmar, took pity on the boy and rebuked the townsfolk for paying no heed to his suffering. Taking him back to his hall, the Lord offered to send Alaric to the Colleges of Magic in Altdorf; in exchange, he would become Marius' household Wizard until the day of his death. Unable to turn down such a generous offer, Alaric gladly accepted.

Those years spent at the Foundries that comprise the school of the Golden wind were somewhat unremarkable by the standards of any Wizard that attended them. He learned to hone his innate skills in spellcraft, learned the ways of the artisan...even reattached his gold-smothered fingers and animated them with magic. He would have his fair share of flings with the magic-touched sons of nobility, burgomeister and peasant alike; for most of them, it would be a phase, for him, it would become a fact of life. Eventually, the time would come for him to leave his studies and stay true to his word to his sponsor. For a time, he would begin to serve as Schalvend's Court Wizard where his talents would prove very useful. Marius von Klieber had no shortage of rivals that sought to usurp his land. Before the eyes of the Golden Wizard, no weapon could be brought to bear against his liege lord; from bladed weapons, to the metal tinctures within poisons. Throughout this time, Alaric would be paid well for his services to the Lord and would have his own personal chambers provided for him. Several months after his 49th Birthday, Lord von Klieber would eventually pass away, having become an elderly man, and his son would eventually assume his title....and would have the Wizard literally thrown out, deciding that having such a Wizard would be too expensive; Alaric suspected that he probably wanted a pretty Life Wizard to serve as Court Wizard. Naturally, this prompted the Wizard to take to the road, rendering his services to those who could afford it needed it. Sometimes, he would find himself drawn in the direction of rumours regarding a red-haired pale stranger, eager for some prospect of revenge against the Vampire who had sacked his birthplace and set him on a road to a hellish childhood.

Player Name: Kagrenak

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This character still needs a few tweaks before they're ready. A PM has been sent to you, so check your inbox and make the necessary changes. If you did not receive the PM, please alert the staff so they can re-send it as soon as possible.
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Welcome to War with the Warp! Your character is now ready for roleplay, we just need a few things from you. First, head on over to the Who's Who to put this character in the directory. Then, if you have a face claim, pop over to the Face Claim thread to make the claim. Happy adventuring!
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