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 Chrael of the Crone
 Posted: Oct 20 2017, 09:22 PM
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Name: Chrael of the Crone

Age: 213

Gender: Female

Race: High Elf of Tiranoc

Sexuality: Pansexual

Allegiance: Ulthuan/Morai-Heg

Occupation: Spellsword

Appearance: Chrael, like most of her race, is beautiful. Her form is lithe and tall, with her standing above the average Man. Her face is symmetrical, and her eyes expressive, like pools of molten emerald, while her nose is thin and her cheekbones high. She has a proud look to her that is hard to deny. Yet she has been marred. A scar traces diagonally across her face, starting from her right cheek and travelling up across her nose to her left eyebrow. Another, similar scar travels along her throat in a long, thin line. More, smaller scars cover her body. Her long hair, once chestnut in colour and beautifully maintained is now wild and has turned shock white from the horrors she was forced to experience. Yet the greatest scar is not a physical one. In battle, her aura is oppressive, even terrifying, filling even her bravest enemies with a sickening terror. Even outside of battle, there is something about her that is powerful and unsettling to those not used to her.

She is dressed in a mixture of rags and the skins of Cold Ones, for her old clothing and armour has been stripped from her. A Dark Elf sword hangs at her hips from a scabbard, wicked and sharp.

Equipment: Cold One skins, rags, sling bag, makeshift bedroll, wolf jerky Dreadspear helmet used as a soup pot.

Skills: Though her primary vocation is magic, one would be foolish to assume that Chrael is not competent in other forms of war. She is an excellent swordswoman, and combines her talent with her spellcraft to turn her into a legitimately horrifying opponent to face in battle. She is also a capable wrestler and a decent spearwoman should the situation call for it. From her time living with her father while he was an envoy in the Wasteland, she speaks decent Reikspiel. She can fend for herself in the wild.

Magic: Chrael is trained in both the Lore of Death and Qhaysh. She can see the dead, and empowers herself off of the slaughter she enacts upon her enemies. She can temporarily wither limbs and uses Spirit Leech to crumble her enemies into dust. When sorely pressed, she casts the Caress of Laniph. However, she is more focused upon Qhaysh, which is what she was classically trained in. She can Drain Magic from an area, weakening other mages in the area. Should they rely upon enchanted weapons, then she will call upon Vaul’s Unmaking, stripping the magical power from items. To aid her allies, she can cast Apotheosis, mending their wounds and making her opponents see them as even more dangerous. Most impressively, however, she can call upon the Flames of the Phoenix, bathing the land in a conflaguration of intense fire.

Personality: Chrael is a thoroughly damaged person, twisted by the brutality she faced while upon the Black Ark. She is bloodthirsty, craving terrible revenge against her tormentors and finding it hard to pass up the opportunity to inflict misery, terror and suffering upon Dark Elves when she has the chance. Yet there is still a part of her that craves the calm springs of her homeland and the touch of friends and lovers. That aspect, however, is buried beneath the pain she has surrounded herself with.

The typical High Elven arrogance is present within her, though it has been reshaped by present circumstances. It manifests as a biting, bitter form of humour that often isn’t particularly funny to anyone but her. She is not especially concerned with niceties anymore, and has no desire to cowtow to anyone after what she has seen.

She does maintain a few good qualities. She finds compassion for the weak and abused comes natural to her, and she still detests injustice. She also cares more about those who would travel with her than she would let on, and would be heartbroken to see them harmed or perish – indeed, to harm her current Dwarfen friend is enough to send her into a vicious frenzy of violence and magic.

History: Chrael was born to Arioch, an envoy to the Old World, and Maeve, a Mage from the Kingdom of Chrace. The two were never formally married, but had become smitten with one another and formed a sort of union. That union produced both Chrael and her younger brother Aemis, and though the two lived apart, both children were close to each parent. Arioch was the primary caregiver, raising both children to the best of his ability.

When she was young, Chrael travelled with her father and brother to the Wasteland, back when it was still Westerland. They lived as a diplomatic family in Marienburg, where Chrael became familiar with the customs of men and the nature of the Empire. She was tutored in the arts of courtly interaction and learnt to speak the tongue of the area, Reikspiel. Yet she did not remain within the borders of the Empire very long. From a young age she demonstrated a talent in shaping magic, and it was decided that she would be sent to Chrace to study with her mother to learn magic.

It was not an easy transition. Only in her twenties, Chrael was taken from the relative comforts of Marienburg to the fairly primitive and harsh life of a nomad within Chrace. Yet, it was important. Chrael was taught in the ways of high magic, how to weave all the winds together and manipulate them. More than that, however, she was taught control. How to keep the magic from overwhelming her and how to know when it was right to use it. Her instruction lacked the formality of the Tower, but what Chrael lost in that she gained in self-sufficiency and closeness to her mother. Magic was not all she learned, either. She became familiar with how to fend for herself in the wild, and how to fight with a blade.

Her father and brother returned to Ulthuan when Chrael was in her 50s and with some difficulty she made the decision to go with them to Tiranoc. Yet she maintained her study of magic, growing stronger in it and becoming more familiar with the spells of Qhaysh. She also became enamoured with Shyish, learning its ways from Sawen, another Mage who lived in the area. The two became good friends, Chrael appreciating Sawen’s wisdom and Sawen appreciating Chrael’s eagerness to learn.

The two became even closer when Chrael saw her first battle with the Druchii. The Dark Elves had landed in Tiranoc looking to take slaves. As part of her civil duty, Chrael was called to battle against the invaders, and she fought alongside Sawen, barraging enemy with spirit leeches and blasts of fire. Their first battle was a huge success, and the Druchii were driven off with devastating losses. The battle strengthened their bond, and they became as sisters.

Over the years, the two studied together, and Sawen watched as Chrael’s natural talent bloomed. In time, Chrael even overtook Sawen in skill, though the teacher did not mind this. In fact, she was filled with pride. Chrael took to magic like few could, and was well on her way to becoming an arch-mage. The two fought the Druchii together many times, becoming familiar with their tactics and strategies.

They became confident in their abilities, and after a century and a half of fighting alongside one another, the two traveled to Naggarythe to help push out the Shades that had taken root there. Things were going as they often did at first, the forces that Sawen and Chrael had attached themselves to making short work of the Shades. Things went wrong when a Black Ark showed up to aid their brethren in the fight, sending forth a great horde of Druchii warriors to throw themselves against the High Elf force. Chrael was forced to watch as a bolt flew into her long-time friend’s eye, killing her instantly. The shock stopped her from her spells, making her forget her discipline. The Druchii overwhelmed them, and Chrael was captured before she could end her own life.

She was taken to the Black Ark, where she was made a slave. The Dark Elves were quick to inflict many cruelties upon her, hoping to break her spirit. So great were the horrors inflicted upon her that her mind was torn and her beautiful chestnut hair was turned white. She lived at the whim and pleasure of her captors, forced to suffer many indignities while living little better than an animal.

After months of sailing and torture, Chrael found herself brought to Clar Karond, the great metropolis of Naggaroth. Having become borderline catatonic in her last few weeks aboard the Ark, her captors thought her will was thoroughly broken, leaving her to be the perfect plaything for their kind. They were incredibly wrong. A grim determination, a deep-set loathing kept Chrael’s spirit alive. She made a resolution that she would not become some pet to these traitors, nor would she allow herself to be sacrificed upon their altars.

When she was lead out to the city, one of the Dark Elves made a mistake. He leaned in to force a kiss. Chrael responded by throwing herself forward and biting out his throat. As the man collapsed, gasping and the other Dark Elves were temporarily thrown into panic by the confusion, she made an oath to Morai-Heg that she would be hers to use as a tool so long as the Crone allowed her to survive the night and exact vengeance. The Crone seemed to have listened, because Chrael was filled with a new vitality. She freed the sword from her fallen enemy’s hip, and began to wage bloody war upon the enemy around her. Seeing their opportunity, her fellow slaves joined in and began to throw themselves on the enemy, giving Chrael time to summon up spells and wreak more havoc.

The result was anarchy. Clar Karond’s port was engulfed in flames and slaves surged everywhere, killing as many Dark Elves as they could before they themselves were slain. Chrael simply kept moving, spilling blood wherever she could. By the end of it, Chrael was a gore-soaked nightmare. She did not focus on the health of the other slaves, only caring that she made it free. She was aided by a lone ally, who made it to the city limits with her. Before she departed, she made an oath to all who could hear it.

“Pursue me if you will, but know that I shall take a thousand Druchii with me before I die.”

With her captors left in chaos, Chrael proceeded out into the chill lands of Naggaroth, looking to head to Arnheim where she could once again return home.

Player Name: Galobrak

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Mr Creazil
 Posted: Oct 21 2017, 05:16 PM
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Welcome to War with the Warp! Your character is now ready for roleplay, we just need a few things from you. First, head on over to the Who's Who to put this character in the directory. Then, if you have a face claim, pop over to the Face Claim thread to make the claim. Happy adventuring!
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