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 Custom Spells, Submit em here
Mr Creazil
 Posted: Jun 4 2017, 12:30 PM
26 years old
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Got a spell you want added to the spellbook? Toss it in here, and staff will get in touch with you about it. We're always on the lookout for rad new magics.


[b]Spell Name:[/b]
[b]School of Magic:[/b] Can be the traditional Eight Winds, Chaos, etc. Some form of established magic.
[b]Description:[/b] Make sure to include any restrictions on its use.
 Posted: Sep 18 2017, 11:47 AM
N/A years old
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Spell Name: Alaric's Curse of Molten Blood

School of Magic: Lore of Metal

Description: with a gesture of power fuelled by anger, the Metal Wizard forces a curse into the victim's blood. Once cast, the target's very blood is transformed into molten metal, burning them to death from the inside. Indeed, those who succumb are described as leaking the molten metal from their eyes, ears, nose and mouth. Naturally, this spell doesn't work on creatures wrought of fire, molten metal or simply lack blood altogether. Strong-willed individuals can survive, though would require healing in order to regain full functionality from their crippled bodies. Those who are naturally resilient to magic would vary; the worst being less crippling, more easily healed internal burning whilst at best, it can feel like an unpleasant fever (depending on level of resistance).
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