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 Cold Iron, Early Spring, 2503, South of Clar Karond
 Posted: Jan 31 2018, 02:28 PM
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Pavel followed them in, still nursing his goblet. He liked to have a bit of the hunger in him when he went into battle, it helped spur him on. The vampire focused himself on his minions, feeling the dire wolves returning from their hunt. They had a fine catch in their jaws, an easy hunt for his beasts of war. "Good news, mister Grumni; my wolves have a fine stag. They will be here shortly." He knew the dwarf neither liked nor trusted him, but he was hoping to build some bridges here, at least temporarily.

The dwarf did raise a point, though. Next to two wizards and a vampire, a lone mortal with a crossbow and no magic didn't seem like much. Grumni seemed like he was the muscle of his normal duo, so teaming up with someone who was a hulking brute even by vampire standards must have taken the wind out of his sails. "A few well-placed shots can make a good bit of difference, in a small ambush like this. You are, after all, providing our only non-magical projectiles." He paused, realizing that might be putting on too much pressure. "Stick to cover, and my pets will cover for you. Undead beasts are quite a distracting sight."

Soon enough, a dire wolf came in, carrying a stag by the throat. Pavel stood, starting to prepare the animal. It wasn't often he had to cook the past few centuries, but a simple roast on a fire was easy enough. "All I ask of you all is that you leave the dragon's bones intact, and as much flesh as you can manage. A pile of ash is no use to me."
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