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Jun 2 2018, 07:52 PM
Kiefer sighed, setting another letter aside. The patrols could be dangerous and nerve-wracking, but at least he got some fresh air, got out a bit. This part of his job was more familiar, and much more dull. He was still a low-ranking officer, and as wizards went he was a bit of a pushover, so his superiors tended to push their paperwork off on him. The young wizard sat in his tent, poring over one letter after another. He still had the accommodations of an officer, a larger tent with a cot and a small table and chair for him to work at, but that table always seemed to be overflowing with things that weren't technically his job.

It was a welcome change of pace when he heard a voice outside his tent, and not one he recognized either. "Come in!" Kiefer stabilized his current pile of papers and stood, turning to see the newcomer. The wizard wasn't in full battle regalia, just dressed in simple orange and red robes. His staff and sword leaned against his cot in the corner.

The stranger was an interesting sight, a man not much older than him dressed in the signature garb of the Roadwardens. He'd heard Lord Heidecker was planning to call on them. "Ah, welcome to the camp. I'm Kiefer Holzmann, Imperial Magister." He extended a handshake, trying to seem appropriately officerly. He still wasn't used to being out of the Bright College.
Apr 1 2018, 07:02 PM
So far, the patrol had been mercifully quiet. It was just Kiefer and a few pistoliers, mounted up and scouting out the woods. The Beastman activity had gotten a bit quieter since the army had moved in, but they had to stay vigilant. A lull could just mean that the monsters were gathering for a larger attack, ready to wipe out a few towns. They needed to scour the forests for any signs they could find.

They were pretty far in, away from any landmarks. Kiefer was a bit nervous. That was usually the case, but this time he had a reason. They had been close to the Bretonnian border, and out in the wilderness like this it was hard to tell where the Empire ended and their neighboring Kingdom began. The two nations were currently at peace, but an armed patrol crossing the border could cause a bit of an incident. He'd caused enough diplomatic incidents already, thank you very much.

The young wizard caught sight of a road and signaled his men towards it. Maybe there were some signs, the language on them would tell them which side they were on. Unless they were in a border area that went for bilingual signage, that could be trickier. He emerged from the forest, half a dozen lightly-armored horsemen at his back, and was surprised to see a knight nearby. Maybe they were in Bretonnia? Or maybe the night was just traveling, they were known to do that. Kiefer waved, putting on a friendly face and trying to seem confident. "Hello there, sir knight." He rode a little closer, signaling his men to stay where they were. He didn't want to seem like he was trying to threaten the man. "Are we in Bretonnia or the Empire? We spent some time off the trails."
Jan 25 2018, 04:05 PM
It was a rare relief to get some free time. There had been a break in the beastmen attacks, so his commanding officer had given Kiefer a few days to rest and recover. He'd come out pretty well so far, only burning himself a few times during his deployment. Maybe the tension and pressure was helping focus him.

The townies gave the wizard a wide berth. They may not have seen a wizard before, but word spread all over the Empire of the fiery-haired, fiery-tempered, fiery-magicked Imperial magisters. People knew what the torchlike iron staff and bright orange robes meant. Kiefer was used to this sort of thing, he tried not to let it borrow him too much. It wasn't like he could disguise himself much, anyway. What if he got caught without his staff, or he left it behind and some poor fool played around with it?

He was just making his way to the tavern when the door flew open and someone was thrown out rather roughly. Kiefer paused, unsure how to deal with this. At least the fight seemed to be over. He wondered what it was about? The wizard stepped closer, stopping again when he saw the figure they'd tossed out. He'd seen High Elves before, occasional diplomats or traveling nobles would visit Altdorf. That was definitely a High Elf. He hoped this wasn't the start of a diplomatic incident, the rocky relations with the Wood Elves were bad enough. Kiefer stepped closer, offering him a hand up. "Are you alright?"
Oct 7 2017, 09:05 PM
Kiefer didn't like riding too much. He didn't like the loss of control of being off his feet, and now that he was being deployed like this, he much preferred to be able to hold both sword and staff, rather than keeping a hand on the reigns. He knew some riders could control their horses with just nudges of their legs, but he was definitely not that skilled. His iron-tipped staff was held high as they trotted through the woods, sword still at his belt.

They were on a simple reconnaissance mission this time. He only had a few men at his back, half a dozen mounted pistoliers, meant for hit-and-run. They were just going to scout out the area, see if the beastmen they'd encountered a few days ago were related to a larger herd. Kiefer just hoped that whatever was out here didn't have anything too fast. Those pistoliers could put out a lot of hurt, but they weren't well-armored, and neither was he. They wouldn't do well in a pitched fight.

The wizard pulled his horse to a halt, holding out his staff to signal his men to do the same. Something was off. He didn't hear anything unusual, didn't see anything, but the winds of magic were shifting. Something else was nearby, and it didn't feel Chaotic. "Any of you spot anything?" The men looked around, a little confused. They didn't often work with wizards, especially ones so young. Many of them just grunted and shrugged, assuming the pyromancer was just a little odd.
May 16 2017, 12:10 PM
To say Kiefer was nervous would have bee an understatement. At this point, terrified might have been an understatement. He had just gotten his first field assignment, fresh out of the Bright College. He wasn't even a full magister yet, still technically an apprentice. And here he was, off to the front. At least it was one of the lesser fronts. Beastmen had been a consistent problem in the southwest regions of the Empire, but they weren't nearly as great a threat as the barbarians to the north. They were far fewer and less organized, especially since Karl Franz had scattered them a few years ago.

Still, the young wizard wasn't so sure about his chances. They had a healer with them, sure, but he had a lot of trouble keeping his abilities under control. He could put out a lot of fire, but he tended to burn himself in the process. Maybe field experience could help with that, or maybe it would make it worse. No way to tell until he was in the thick of it. He sat near the edge of the encampment, looking back at the city he'd spent most of his life in. He'd hardly seen the sun in years, and now he was going to be marching.

A figure walking by caught Kiefer's eye. An older man, hardened and with a shaved head, wearing the signature attire of a Warrior-Priest. His clothes were a little different, though. It looked like he was some sort of higher rank. Kiefer didn't know too much about the priesthood, they tended not to trust the wizard colleges. Still, servants of Sigmar were due respect. Kiefer stood, saluting the man. He kept quiet for the moment, not sure if he was supposed to speak.
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