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Oct 7 2017, 09:05 PM
Kiefer didn't like riding too much. He didn't like the loss of control of being off his feet, and now that he was being deployed like this, he much preferred to be able to hold both sword and staff, rather than keeping a hand on the reigns. He knew some riders could control their horses with just nudges of their legs, but he was definitely not that skilled. His iron-tipped staff was held high as they trotted through the woods, sword still at his belt.

They were on a simple reconnaissance mission this time. He only had a few men at his back, half a dozen mounted pistoliers, meant for hit-and-run. They were just going to scout out the area, see if the beastmen they'd encountered a few days ago were related to a larger herd. Kiefer just hoped that whatever was out here didn't have anything too fast. Those pistoliers could put out a lot of hurt, but they weren't well-armored, and neither was he. They wouldn't do well in a pitched fight.

The wizard pulled his horse to a halt, holding out his staff to signal his men to do the same. Something was off. He didn't hear anything unusual, didn't see anything, but the winds of magic were shifting. Something else was nearby, and it didn't feel Chaotic. "Any of you spot anything?" The men looked around, a little confused. They didn't often work with wizards, especially ones so young. Many of them just grunted and shrugged, assuming the pyromancer was just a little odd.
May 16 2017, 12:10 PM
To say Kiefer was nervous would have bee an understatement. At this point, terrified might have been an understatement. He had just gotten his first field assignment, fresh out of the Bright College. He wasn't even a full magister yet, still technically an apprentice. And here he was, off to the front. At least it was one of the lesser fronts. Beastmen had been a consistent problem in the southwest regions of the Empire, but they weren't nearly as great a threat as the barbarians to the north. They were far fewer and less organized, especially since Karl Franz had scattered them a few years ago.

Still, the young wizard wasn't so sure about his chances. They had a healer with them, sure, but he had a lot of trouble keeping his abilities under control. He could put out a lot of fire, but he tended to burn himself in the process. Maybe field experience could help with that, or maybe it would make it worse. No way to tell until he was in the thick of it. He sat near the edge of the encampment, looking back at the city he'd spent most of his life in. He'd hardly seen the sun in years, and now he was going to be marching.

A figure walking by caught Kiefer's eye. An older man, hardened and with a shaved head, wearing the signature attire of a Warrior-Priest. His clothes were a little different, though. It looked like he was some sort of higher rank. Kiefer didn't know too much about the priesthood, they tended not to trust the wizard colleges. Still, servants of Sigmar were due respect. Kiefer stood, saluting the man. He kept quiet for the moment, not sure if he was supposed to speak.
Sep 27 2016, 12:25 AM
They were only a few days out of Altdorf, heading south across the countryside, when they'd gotten word of their quarry. Rumors of a Beastman scout nearby, snooping around the villages. They'd had to split the party. Meike had gone off to check the fields for Chaos taint, taking some of their retinue of swordsmen and handgunners with them. Kiefer had gone with a local hunter, following the trail of the beast.

The hunter led them into the woods, his bow slung over his shoulder. There were subtle footprints, but they were there. Kiefer was a little confused, they didn't look like hooves. He may never have seen a beastman, but recognizing Chaos influence was part of his training as a wizard. He didn't feel The Warp in those woods, and he didn't see the telltale signs of the goatmen or their bovine brethren. Still he followed, quiet for now. Maybe the woodsman knew something he didn't.

As they crept up on the camp, it became clearer and clearer the local yokel didn't know much of anything. It looked like an ordinary human-made tent, not the rough skin tents the beastmen supposedly made. The hunter was drawing his bow, but Kiefer put a hand on his wrist. "Wait." He stepped out, seeing a feline figure in the camp. "Sorry! We don't mean to alarm you, my friend here just confused you for someone else." He couldn't be totally sure, but that looked a lot like one of Ind's fabled Bengals.
Sep 11 2016, 05:49 PM
Well, it was time. Kiefer had been called to the Imperial Palace, along with other wizards. They weren't allowed into the main palace, especially not a ticking firebomb like him, but they were within the outer walls, on the palace grounds. There, the generals had set up their pavilions, where the assorted officers, wizards, and lesser nobles assigned to them would be parceled out. He could see quite the variety among them. Shining suits of armor and robes of all colors milled about on the grounds. At the gates he could see a Demigryph Knight captain arguing with one of the palace's Reiksguard about whether he should be allowed to bring his mount in. Kiefer suppressed a chuckle, trying to seem as dignified as he could as he reported to his general's tent.

He was assigned to General Erik Wareheim, a large, wild-haired man with a short beard. He'd heard rumors about him, he was a bit eccentric. "Kiefer Holzmann? Ah! There you are." He gestured Kiefer in. The young wizard followed orders, coming up to his table and standing at attention. "Reporting in, sir." He was nervous. It was like all he'd been taught about the military was slipping out of his mind now that he had a commanding officer. Kiefer tried to hide his nerves, keeping the best poker face he could.

"Yes, your master told me about you. Said we'd need to get someone to watch you, put the fires out. Just keep the flames off my men and we should be just fine. You'll get your orders within the week, and your helper wizard is right behind you." Kiefer turned, alarmed. He hadn't even heard the shorter wizard sneak up on him.
Sep 5 2016, 12:51 PM
Kiefer is an up and coming Bright Wizard, recently sent out into the field from the Bright College. He's nervous, shy, and a bit afraid of his abilities. He wants to be a friendly guy, but is awkward and uncomfortable in social situations so often ends up more of a wallflower.

Kiefer rather likes having these. He doesn't have many yet, as he's spent half of his life in the Bright College, kept locked away from society until he could learn to control his flames. Now, though, he's out in the world, alongside the armies of the Empire of Man. Maybe he can find some friends there, if he can come out of his shell a bit.

These Kiefer is less hype about, but he's more likely to have. As an Imperial battlemage, he'll often find himself against all sorts of threats to the Empire. He may or may not get his own nemesis, but there'll be plenty of opportunities.

Something about this is in the works, but shh it's a secret.
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