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Markus Hofner


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Sep 4 2017, 04:20 AM

It seemed to pretty much always be raining on nights like this. Such a portent did not escape the notice of the Horseman as he trotted his way into the desolate looking town; even from the outside it looked like a haven of scum and villainy. The walls of the town stood out like the snaggle-teeth of a crone, mismatched watch towers offering little comfort to those who approached the settlement seeking shelter - for they looked more ‘propped up’ that ‘resolute’. The Horseman sighe, far gone the walls of Middenhiem, it would seem.

He was an austere man, the frame of a warrior with the keen gaze of a huntsman clear for all to see - the Horsemen, Markus was his name, having made no attempt to approach the township by means of stealth. His horse was a proud charger, requisitioned from the Order of the Witch Hunters nearest chapter house, some two weeks hard ride hence. Markus himself was adorned in a plain leather longcoat - something of a necessity for the weary traveller, topped with the trademark feathered hat of his order.

Beneath his leather and cloth could be found a mail surcoat, a bandoleer of bolts, daggers and knives glinting in the flickering lights of the townships gates. At his hip, a silver-kissed longsword, a collection of two handguns resting there also. Markus was expecting trouble, indeed many of his order always would be - for trouble had a habit of always finding them, if they did not find it first. As such, as he handed his steed to the stable boy outside the local inn ’The Ginnin’ Green’ he removed the saddlebag, containing within it a collection of silver lines stakes, interrogation tools and more besides.

Next came the larger of the saddlebags, containing his repeater crossbow which he handed to the boy to have taken to his room. ’’Keep your hands to yourself boy.’’ he reprimanded, as the stable hand already keenly looked at the bag. Markus shook his head and raised a coin to show the boy, indicating he could collect it later once his jobs and chores had been done. The boy nodded, and scurried in ahead of the Hunter as Markus tramped into the Bar.

The Inn was almost empty, save for some weary mercenaries and some local traders looking to make a quick graft. Nobody bothered him as he approached the Innkeeper, and placed the leather document holder that contained his letters patent, and opening it for the Innkeeper to see. ”I shall be needing a room, payment shall be made upon the completion of my works here.’’ he stated in a manner that brooked no dissent. ’’I shall also require you to direct me to your Mayor, or whatever you have here.’’ he paused, as the barman appeared to gawp at him.

’’Now…’’ he added, spurring the man into action.

OOC - I shall leave this thread open to any who wish to join

Sep 4 2017, 02:03 AM

Markus is a Freelance Witch Hunter, roaming the lands of the Empire - its grubby towns, steeping forests and motley villages - on the hunt for the condemned, the mage and the mutant. He has been active for just over ten years, and has a considerable reputation around the Middenland area; having recently moved to the border provinces in the north-east of the Empire looking for greater challenges.


Given the nature of his profession, he is not fond of having 'friends' around. Despite this, and whilst he would never admit it, there would be room for one or two close companions who would not doubt one day become friends. He would be looking for people who would have skills he could put to use, in exchange for coin.


Markus would have a lot of enemies, from lowly cuthroats, rival hunters all the way through to Deamon Cultists, Rogue Mages and more. Currently one of his enemies is 'Pavel' (although he is presently unaware of the Vampires name or appearance).


He currently is not interested in Lovers.
Sep 2 2017, 05:22 PM

Name: Markus Hofner

Age: 31

Gender: Male

Race: Human, of Middenhiem

Sexuality: Straight

Allegiance: The Order of Sigmar

Occupation: Witch-Hunter (Freelance)

Appearance: Young, with a face that belies its years, Markus is deemed conventionally attractive by those he has done business with, but his eyes tell a darker tale. It is clear to those with a knack for such readings, that he has seen things that would drive weaker men mad; and his assortment of scars backs up such tales.

Equipment: Standard Gear as supplied by the Witch Hunters Order includes his letters patent, a silver edged rapier and a brace of pistols. Markus naturally has augmented this equipment with a bag of ‘torture tools’ and a motley collection of knives on his belt. Thanks to the nature of his work, he makes use of a horse to carry his gear, as well as a set of silver lined restraints. However, it is his amulet of sigmar, inscribed with dwarvish runes to ward against evil magicks and the taint of chaos for which he is most indebted.

Skills: Naturally gifted with letters and numbers, Markus has a great knowledge of the teachings of Sigmar, and the methods needed to identify those who go against such scholarly lessons. Alongside this he can boast a repertoire of techniques at range and in melee, as well as some ‘advanced questioning’ skills. He is a talented orator, able to convince a mob of common folk and turn them into a torch wielding mas in no time at all.

Magic: Magic is for traitors.

Personality: His profession has no doubt shaped who he is today, a dour man who has seen all too much of the wickeds of the world. He is slow to find humour in things, and quick to pass judgement, however - and probably thanks to his advancing age - he is not above siding with lesser foes to take down a greater target.

History: Born as the bastard child of a priest of Sigmar and a ‘Lady of the Night’, he was taken into care upon his whelping; as is was the decree of the Church. Deemed to be a product of sin, Markus was not headed for a blessed life - starting out as little more than a dogsbody for the Monks under which he toiled, soon being trained in scripture and basic combat as was the will of Sigmar.

When became an adult, his mentor and foster father - himself an aging priest - granted him leave to join the Witch Hunters, to provide some form of ambition in the boy's life. Markus jumped at the chance and immediately collected his papers and blade, went freelance and spent just shy of a month touring the brothels of local townships.

He was harried out soon after, having ‘seen the sins of the world’ (according to his Order), and was sent on his way. Over the coming decade he would track down cultists, hedge wizards and even a Necromancer, in his quest to prove himself to his order, and to his God. It was only upon turning 30 that he found out his Mentor has passed away, never knowing the successes his ‘child’ had achieved.

Determined to ‘Burn sufficient course so his mentor could see it from the heavens’, Markus upped his game, renewed his vows, and headed toward the Empires fringes in pursuit of greater prey.

Player Name: Warlord Arskittar

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RP Sample: Second Character

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