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Aimee Damaris


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Sep 19 2017, 07:21 PM
Name: Aimee Damaris

Age: As of 2503

Gender: Fluid

Race: Demon Princess

Sexuality: Demisexual

Allegiance: Demons of Tzeentch

Occupation: Loads of options here. Farmer, rank-and-file soldier, archmage? For fighty characters, it's good to use the lore as a guideline, but there's flexibility there too.

Appearance: At least a good paragraph. You can supplement with an image if you'd like, but they are by no means required.

Equipment: Can be simple things like clothing or tools, or more complex stuff like magical weapons. If your character does have special items, make sure there's a reason for them to have something. You can't just find a magic sword in a lake.

Skills: What can your character do? Sometimes this means combat, sometimes it means a skill with languages. Any non-magical abilities that could come into play should be mentioned here.

Magic: If applicable. If your character doesn't know any, mark as N/A or delete this section. If they do, list what lore or lores they know and what spells they can use. Remember, humans aren't capable of learning more than one lore without being corrupted.

Personality: Aimee is smart, and ridiculously so. She self-taught herself everything she knows, as it was not a woman’s place to be in a college learning skills such as mathematics and sciences. She is fiercely loyal, and once you’ve made a friend of her, she’d go to bat for you. And probably even take a punch or two for you. Luckily, she is also rather resourceful. She finds a way to turn any situation into a positive, or can create a weapon out of whatever is lying around her.

However, Aimee comes off as indifferent- and probably because she is. She’s often uncaring about others and their troubles. She doesn’t go out of her way to help anyone unless it directly benefits her and her cause, and thus comes off as abrasive. She is rather impatient, so she doesn’t wait for other unless she has to. Due to this, she often travels alone instead of with another person. She fears they’ll only slow her down. Aimee is also oddly obsessive, especially once wronged by another.

The big problem with Aimee, however, is that she’s snarky. And when she isn’t snarky, she’s indifferent. But mostly? She sits on the borderline of apathetic, although she does enjoy banter. She likes to argue, but most of the time will not waste her time on those in a lower class, unless they’ll serve her a purpose.

History: Try to give at least two or three paragraphs. From your character's birth until the start of the RP in 2503. This will be the basis for your character's story. Try not to leave big gaps, fill in the important details and events. Any major details about your character's past that aren't included here can't be considered canon.

Player Name: Beth

Feedback Format: Preferably via PM.

RP Sample: A sample post to show your writing chops. Only needed for your first character, and doesn't need to be for the actual character. Just something to show what you can do.
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