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Mr Creazil
 Posted: Jul 22 2016, 12:28 AM
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Forum Rules

-Be nice to each other. Understand that real life has to come before any roleplay, and keep interpersonal drama out of this. We're all here to have fun and tell some stories, so no fighting, no harassment, etc. And on that note,

-No bigotry of any kind. No sexism, racism, homophobia, etc. Now in-character, there will be some characters who are various kinds of bigots. A lot of them, actually. But keep that in-character. We will not tolerate any sort of OOC discrimination.

-No plagiarism. That means no taking stuff from here without permission, and no taking stuff from other sites without permission. If the staff is informed of any plagiarism on this site and it checks out, we will delete it.

-I don't like Spam. We have a lovely advertising board, if you have an advertisement for an RP you can post it there. If you have an advertisement for anything else, you can post it on Craigslist.

-No NSFW material. Don't post links to anything pornographic, or that would otherwise violate JCink's TOS. Anything of that kind will be deleted.

-If there's an issue, tell the staff. Don't escalate things, just privately let us know what's going on and we'll handle it.

-Avatars are limited at 200x300 px. If you can't find one in the right size, imgur has a really good editing feature that lets you trim it down to exactly the right number of pixels, as well as giving a good, stable host.

-Make an OOC account first. This will be the hub for all your characters, and you can use it to post their profiles. Once you have a profile up, make an IC account for that character that you can use to roleplay after acceptance.

Roleplay Rules

-No roleplaying until you're accepted. We know it can be tempting, but we need to make sure everything checks out before you can jump into the fray.

-No godmodding or power-playing. You don't control someone else's character, unless you talked it out with them and they gave you the explicit go-ahead to do those things. Also, keep in mind that roleplay is collaborative storytelling, not a game of "My dad can beat up your dad." There are characters in the Warhammer universe of vastly different power, and it's no fun if a thread is just about one of them getting flattened. If a character is going to be killed, it should be done with the player's permission, not yanking their creation away from them.

-Post standards: Different threads call for different post lengths. Try to keep it on par with your posting partners, so they have something to work with and it doesn't just devolve into one-liners. Also refrain from chatspeak IC. OOC it's fine, but if you're writing an IC post you can afford the extra letters.

-Content: Warhammer is a mature universe, but there are rules here on JCink. No sex scenes. If something overtly sexual is going to happen, then fade to black and take it off-forum if you must. In-character nudity is fine, sex scenes are not. And if there is something sexual about to happen, make sure the characters involved are at least 18. There is also going to be a lot of violence, but we don't need a paragraph of entrails flying everywhere. Let the imagination do the work. As for language, OOC cursing rules are pretty lenient as long as long as you stay within the playing nice rule. IC, remember to keep it lore-friendly. This is a dark fantasy, but it's still medieval fantasy. They won't be talking like a Tarantino movie.

-Communication is the key here. Talk to your fellow RPers, get an idea of what you want out of threads, and unless a thread is marked as open, be sure to ask before joining it. It makes for a much smoother experience for everyone.

-Each IC forum covers a continent or two, so they can be pretty broad. Mark the opening thread of a post with a location and a season. Time in-roleplay is flexible here, but we start in 2503 IC, and things can progress after that. It helps to keep a thread tracker so you know when your character is where.
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