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Jan 5 2018, 06:58 PM
Any of you got minis or models of your characters? Here's the place to post em. I got a few, and working on some requests.


The big boy himself. My first mini of a character I've played.

Kiefer Holzmann

My lil Bright Wizard. Had a spare DnD mini from a Nolzur's Marvelous Miniatures set, and just added a bit of green stuff for the flames on his staff.


My young Witch Elf, along with a shot of her and her Sisters.


A Clan Eshin wannabe assassin, trying to make his way in the Old World.

Jun 4 2017, 12:30 PM
Got a spell you want added to the spellbook? Toss it in here, and staff will get in touch with you about it. We're always on the lookout for rad new magics.


[b]Spell Name:[/b]
[b]School of Magic:[/b] Can be the traditional Eight Winds, Chaos, etc. Some form of established magic.
[b]Description:[/b] Make sure to include any restrictions on its use.
Jan 21 2017, 07:19 PM
I recently found a treasure trove of Warhamer Fantasy Roleplay game books, and they had a motherload of spells, miracles, and other magical fun. If you look in the magic guide, there have been new lores added, and most of the old lores now have new spells. If you had a magic-using character who was accepted before these changes, you can PM the staff with a few new spells you'd like to add, and we'll edit them in for you.

Happy casting, everyone!

Oct 30 2016, 01:45 PM
I like putting voices to characters, so thought it might be fun to have a place to do it here. This isn't an official thing, so it's okay to double up here. This is just giving an idea what the character sounds like.

Some of mine:

Pavel: Andrei from Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines
A deep, dignified voice with a pronounced accent and a tendency to fly into fits of rage when things go poorly. Seemed a natural fit.

Nehema: Juri Han from Street Fighter 4 and 5
Youthful, playful, but with the undertone that her definition of "playing" involves serious bodily harm to someone else.

Skulltaker: The Djinn from Wishmaster
Low, freakish, threatening, with a weird way of emphasizing words that shows he doesn't quite belong in the material world.
Oct 19 2016, 12:55 AM

Name: Pavel

Age: 512

Gender: Male

Race: Strigoi vampire, former Strigany human.

Sexuality: Bisexual, but not so much interested in that these days. He's come to accept that he won't find someone.

Allegiance: Throwing his lot in with Mannfred von Carstein

Occupation: Ghoul King and spymaster.

Appearance: Pavel cuts an intimidating figure. He stands just over seven feet tall, his body hairless and muscular. His claws are shorter than some of his brethren, only a few inches long, but he makes up for it with the porcupine-like quills growing from his arms, shoulders, and the back of his head. In battle these are on full display, wearing only a loincloth to show them off and his head-spines raised for maximum intimidation. Pavel's eyes are a solid white, and his flat nose is part of his bestial appearance, one that is emphasized even more by the talons on his animalistic feet. His skin is a pale, sandy tan.

Equipment: His clothing is simple enough. A loincloth for battle, and a bulky, worn cloak for when he needs to sneak. The long sleeves hang down past his hands, and he wraps his face in cloth to hide it. Sometimes he wears a false stomach under it to disguise himself as an ogre.

Skills: At first glance, Pavel seems a brute. He has inhuman strength easily the match for a minotaur or troll, is a skilled unarmed fighter, and has speed and reflexes at the absolute limits of human potential. He can run as fast as a horse, and thanks to his unnatural strength and claws he can climb nearly as fast. To top it all off, he's incredibly sturdy. Bones like iron, and flesh as tough as leather. Lucky for him, he's also practiced in subtler methods. Pavel is skilled at moving in the shadows, and can even disguise himself if need be. He's fluent in Imperial, Greenskin, Strigany, and Dwarfish, and can understand some of the Beastman tongue. Lastly he's gotten a knack for false flag attacks, using carefully-prepared zombies to fake an incursion. It only works when dealing with small forces, but he didn't live this long by joining fair fights. He also has keen senses from his bestial nature. Heightened smell and hearing, and perfect night vision make him an excellent predator.

Magic: Being a Strigoi, Pavel is limited in how much magic he can learn. He can channel a good bit of raw power, but only into a couple spells. He can use the Invocation of Nehek to heal his minions, Fountains of Blood to weaken his enemies and help him feed, and a rare form of the Raise Dead spell. Thanks to his Strigoi blood, he can just as easily raise beasts, Dire wolves, Fel Bats, even a Terrorgheist. Terrorgheists, however, take a great deal of time and preparation to properly reanimate, so he can't do that on the fly. Of course, his Strigoi blood also comes with perks. He heals far faster than other vampires, able to heal any wound in minutes, and like other vampires he can be revived if killed, if his body is brought to a focus of necromantic magic. His regeneration can be slowed, however. Strigoi are especially vulnerable to sunlight and light magic, being physically burned by them, and any burning injuries will heal slowly, taking the better part of a day. Flames, Hysh, and sun are all subject to this. His claws are infused with corruption, rapidly infecting wounds. He also has a natural kinship with Ghouls, and can command them more easily than other vampires.

Personality: Pavel is a thorough pragmatist, so much so that he takes no offense at being called a coward. He's of the opinion that no Strigoi survives as long as he has by being brave or straightforward. He will use anything he has to in order to not only protect himself, but to ensure a safe place for Strigoi in the world. Pavel openly admits that some of his methods are vile and repulsive, but he considers them a small price to pay for the safety of his people.

On a more personal level, Pavel is sharp and well-spoken. He's made an effort to defy the bestial, brutal stereotypes about Strigoi. He tries to keep a sense of humor, too, although the past few centuries of his life have made his jokes a bit grim sometimes. He wants to win people over, to convince them of his cause. If he feels like he's getting through, he'll be the first to offer a hand in friendship. Of course, under all of that he still has his bloodline's monstrous tendencies. If negotiations break down or if he's offended enough, Pavel will go out of his way to kill the offending party personally. Get under that thick gray skin of his and you can bait him out.

Like most vampires, Pavel also looks down on the living a bit. He thinks of them as frail, short-sighted creatures who would burn him as soon as look at him. And like most Strigoi, he has similar views about most other vampires. He makes an exception for Mannfred von Carstein, who he feels has shown he is willing to welcome Strigoi to the table in order to build his Empire. All others Pavel has a healthy distrust of. They've hunted him for sport for centuries, he deserves to be a little suspicious.

History: Pavel was born as one of the Strigany, nomadic humans who have been outcasts for the thousands of years since the fall of the vampire kingdom of Strygos. He grew up never trusted by those outside his caravan, wandering from town to town and doing what they needed to get by. Most others believed that they were thralls to vampires, although throughout his youth Pavel never saw one of the monsters. He grew up strong, tall, and with a chip on his shoulder, and one he was old enough he was given a cudgel and assigned to be a caravan guard. It was rough work. Bandits and other raiders often attacked the caravans, knowing the local guard would look the other way. Locals would come with improvised weapons to run them out of town, fearing vampires. Pavel grew used to always fighting, and never having a home.

Then, in his early twenties, everything changed. Vlad von Carstein awakened a vast army of the undead and marched against the Empire. There were whispers that the vampire would rule the world, and in the chaos of the Vampire Wars, a Strigoi named Stipan Silnayaruka came to his caravan, promising something his people had dreamed of for generations. He told them that he was of the bloodline of vampires that had ruled Strygos in ancient times, and that the other bloodlines of vampires hunted them and kept them underground. Now, with most vampires joining in the assault on the Empire, they had a chance to gather strength as they never had before. They could bolster their numbers and retake their ancient homeland from the Greenskins, carving out a place for both Strigoi and Strigany. Pavel was one who accepted his offer, choosing to take the Blood Kiss and become a vampire.

Stipan gathered up quite a force, more than twenty vampires. They took whatever bodies they could, raising them and taking advantage of the starvation of war to create ghouls. Finally, in 2042, they marched into the Badlands to retake their home. It was a disaster. The Strigoi were forced to march underground to avoid the burning light of the sun, and the Greenskins knew the caverns and tunnels far better than they did. Night Goblins harrassed them underground, and when they emerged at night they were met with armies far stronger than Stipan had anticipated. He was a great speaker, but he was no general. An orc warboss claimed the Strigoi's head as a prize, and only a few of his blood-children survived. The deserts were littered with the broken bodies of the undead, burning under the Badlands sun.

That loss made its mark on Pavel. It cemented his hatred of Greenskins, but also taught him that he would likely never be able to retake his homeland from them. He needed to find a new way. Pavel went underground, avoiding direct conflict and trying to find ways to build up forces in secret. He dug deep pits in caves, making makeshift prisons where he could keep bandits, soldiers, and other people who were expected to go missing from time to time. He experimented with making ghouls, keeping his captives in places infused with dark magic and starving them, until hunger turned them to cannibalism and cannibalism turned them to monsters. He took no pride in it, but Pavel saw it as a necessary evil.

By this time, Sylvania was in chaos. Vlad von Carstein had been killed, his more cunning son Mannfred had vanished, and Konrad, the more impetuous son, was wreaking havoc. For more than sixty years he tore his way across the Old World, bringing more than a few vampires with him. Those that remained were a constant threat to Pavel. Some hunted him for sport, others out of hatred, others to study him, but a Strigoi was never safe. He moved around frequently, bringing with him what ghouls and other creatures he could. He learned to move more subtly, disguising himself as an ogre mercenary to evade detection.

With Konrad's death, Sylvania only became more dangerous. Vampires retreated to their old haunts, and returned to Strigoi-hunting. Without the army threatening the Empire, vampire hunters began to venture into Sylvania more and more often. Pavel started thinking of ways to throw them off the trail. He got a habit of capturing groups of soldiers from a particular force, keeping them alive so that they would leave fresh-seeming corpses when he killed and zombified them. It took some practice, but in time he found ways to distract his enemies with fighting each other. He also started going deeper underground, finding caves where few would find him, or could even safely reach without his supernatural physical prowess.

As the vampire threat started to fade in Sylvania, Pavel had another plan. He knew that vampires could become horrific monsters, Varghulfs, if they gave into the beast. If he was to be a major player, he would need one. He found an uneducated bandit to give the Blood Kiss, convincing him that Strigoi gained strength by embracing their bestial nature. It took over a century of work, but his Varghulf is almost ready now. And it couldn't have come at a more opportune time. There is word that Mannfred von Carstein has returned, stronger than ever and planning to complete his father's plan of conquering The Empire. Better yet, he welcomes all vampires into his ranks. Pavel sees an opportunity here. He may be a pawn, but if he can be a good pawn, it could make a place for his kind in Mannfred's new Empire. He has begun work to make himself useful, starting the process to reanimate one of the monstrous bats known as Terrorgheists. He is preparing more ghouls, and even turning some into Horrors. He knows Mannfred will need monsters, and he means to produce them.

Player Name: Mr. Creazil

Feedback Format: PM

RP Sample: Not my first character
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