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Aug 13 2016, 02:20 AM
Name: Meike Fuchs

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Race: Human from Middenland

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Allegiance: Empire

Occupation: Apprentice Jade Wizard

Appearance: Meike is below average height, standing at around five feet tall with a weight of 100 pounds and while her build is small, she is incredibly strong. Her pale skin brings out her blue eyes and, unlike most Jade Wizards, Meike’s long hair is red and usually kept tied up and out of the way. Her facial features are dainty and expressions cheesy. She dresses in the usual green robes of Jade Wizards and carries a mangled wood staff with a green crystal mounted at the top because, well, everyone else does.

Equipment: Jade Wizard robes, staff, and a crappy sickle until she is given a bronze one upon being granted the title of Advanced Apprentice.

Skills: Always a bit of a troublemaker, Meike is decent at breaking into and sneaking around places with little to no guard, and can sometimes pull off acting and disguising herself pretty well if things go south. Her natural strength from life magic alongside the control she has gained while apprenticing has granted her great prowess as a physical fighter despite her more peaceful purpose. The innate connection she has with Ghyran is shaping her into an avid healer, which definitely comes in handy, and she thrives in nature. She can climb the heck out of any tree.

Magic: Throughout her few years of being a student of the Lore of Light, Meike has advanced greatly but she is still only a child of the college. She is naturally in touch with Ghyran much due to being raised in Middenland’s Drakwald Forest and quickly picks up on all she is taught despite not being the child of a Jade Wizard. Her abilities are far below those of advanced wizards and while she has the feisty personality of a Bright Wizard (very unlike her college comrades), she would be little match for those above her.


Earth Blood: The wizard draws a rush of life energy from the earth, healing themselves and any friends or allies nearby.

Earth Gate: The wizard can travel instantly through the earth, sinking into the ground and rising up anywhere within a few dozen yards. Handy for getting out of trouble, or into it.

Fat of the Land: As Jade Wizards seldom have much money, a very useful spell. By touching the land a Jade Wizard can draw enough energy from the earth to survive for a week without food. Keep in mind that you will still need water during this time.

Flesh to Stone: Meant to protect groups of people, this covers their skin in a hard, rocky shell that moves with them, shaping to their body. This spell lasts only a minute or two, but for that minute it can mean the difference between life and death.

Spring Bloom: The most common spell used by Imperial Jade Wizards. They are used as stewards of the field more often than as battlemages, and this spell is perfect for that. It infuses a field with Ghyran energy, ensuring a bountiful harvest.

Personality: It would probably make more sense if Meike was a Bright Wizard. She is quick-temepered, feisty, and tends to speak her mind, doing her own thing and giving little thought to what others think of her. She isn't afraid of being confrontational and never backs down from a fight, even when the odds are stacked against her. Her lightheartedness toward most situations allows her to keep a clear head, though similar naivety also keeps the clever girl from thinking some things through, leading her to rash decisions and thus her demise. Due to her small stature, opponents often see her as little physical threat. Meike realizes and takes advantage of this, surprising them with her might when necessary to safeguard those in need. Possessive and protective, she will do whatever it takes, risking her own life included, to keep the few she holds dear safe and in good spirits.

History: Meike was born on a rainy summer day to two average humans in Middenland, where she was raised to live an average life and one day raise an average child just like her parents. She was never particularly happy with that, always feeling a pull toward something more. The surrounding Drakwald forest was part of that pull. Nature interested her greatly, and she always felt a sort of connection to it. When she wasn't stirring up mischief around the village, she explored the Drakwald. Her adventures usually led her to a brook or river, but one adventure led to the saving of her life.

It happened to be the day Meike expressed her frustrations to her parents. A major fight broke out between them and she threatened to live in the forest and never come back--you know, things kids say. Her parents never took her seriously and this was no exception. Who was stupid enough to try to survive winter alone in the Drakwald? Hard-set to prove them wrong, she packed a small sack and set off into the dangerous forest. She didn't get far when she heard the echo of screams coming from the direction of her village.

For some reason, her first instinct was to run back and investigate. But when her eyes fell on the horde of beastmen, she wished she stayed in the woods. Shock hit her, colder than the winter air. Blood corrupted the snow, small fires broke out, and homes were destroyed. Only ten years old, Meike was suddenly on her own. She turned to retreat back into the forest, a stray arrow flying in her direction and slicing her shoulder as it flew. She assumed it was from an enemy but didn’t look back until she was "safe" in the forest.

She remained huddled there for two days, too afraid to climb down and face what waited her at home. Toward the end of the second day, a man approached her. He explained that he was Jade Wizard who could help, assuring her it was safe. He healed her wounds, pointing out how remarkable it was that she was able to survive, and offered to take her in as an apprentice. No other options, she agreed.

Over the next eight years, Meike studied Ghyran fervently. Much of her time was spent out in the world, but many months were focused on studying the lore at the Jade College. She found that she was naturally talented but still struggled in the beginning compared to her peers, most of which were the children of Jade Wizards. She constantly bothered the more advanced Druids to teach her to physically fight so she could be prepared for battle should the time come, but they always reminded her that Jade Wizards aren't concerned with that.

Now eighteen, Meike has been assigned a Bright Wizard to stick with and occasionally put out while the wizard she apprenticed under answers the call of war.

Player Name: Mei :*

Feedback Format: PM

RP Sample: ***Post from here***

This mission is not a gift. It’s torment.

Junsai’s constant pressing for conversation and whatever amends he was trying to make was well past getting on his nerves. Nothing between the men needed fixing. They each had their feelings for the other and that was how it would always be. If he sincerely thought he could somehow change that, Junsai was more naïve than he thought.

Hageshī’s green eyes rolled when Junsai stopped walking. As if they had time for this. They’d already fallen hours behind due to Junsai’s folly, and now he had the nerve to refuse to move, nose stuck up in the air like a child. He clenched his jaw, fists tight around the straps of the packs he carried. Was Hageshī the only adult here? His Genin were easier to work with than this. Junsai could stand there as long as he liked. Hageshī would not fail at completing such a simple task over this.

His silver-haired partner then brought up things that he really shouldn't have, though, and Hageshī had to fight the urge to murder him where he so stubbornly stood. He stopped walking, frozen. The image of the scene he was referring to plastered itself to the front of his mind. Did he really think that his hatred for him was over that one thing? That, all his life, Hageshī had detested Junsai over something so common in the wretched shinobi world?

I know that I’ve made mistakes as a ninja, Shi. These mistakes haunt me to this day.

"You think this has all been over Maki?"
Hageshī slowly turned to face his partner. "You honestly think that?" He took a deep breath, tightening his fists around the straps even more. Junsai asked to hear what he truly thought in that moment. He had no thoughts—only deep vexation out of character for the otherwise pensive, collected man. "That was fifteen ago, Junsai. She knew what she signed up for. You just played catalyst and made her face it sooner than she should have."

It still hurt, though. She was always so kind to him when no one else was. The only person other than his mamasita he ever loved. The girl’s youthful face came to mind. No smiles or innocence—that wasn't how Hageshī remembered her. Just blood and bruises. She couldn't even be but to rest peacefully, her face twisted up in the climax of pain just before her death. Maki. Just a child. Name ironically meaning 'true hope'. Hageshī’s true hope of sanely surviving the brutality and hatred that was the way of the shinobi. Yet another thing ripped away from him by Junsai. But he was young then, and her death was only the start of a long list of tragedies.

"You know, my mother died during the war. The same day as your father. The same sacrifice on the same battlefield. But the only people there for her funeral were her two neighbors, cousin, and me. Do you know why? What little of the clan that wasn't out giving up their lives in the name of someone above them was so busy preparing to bury the great Katsuro and consoling his silver haired spawn and widow, they forgot my mother. Her name was Michiko, by the way. Not that anyone really bothers mentioning it the way they do your father’s." Hageshī shook his head, frustration clouding his mind. "And my father, Hideaki, was killed in action while I was away at Kodoku. I came home to nothing." These things barely scratched the surface. There was more. So much more. Things he never spoke of. Things he felt so strongly about and recalled so often that trying to explain them was nearly impossible. Suddenly, words just started pouring out, listing things without any context. "You’re always above me. Always looking down. Always a step ahead. Always keeping me back. You have everything I never could. And what little I did have, you took from me. No matter how much I have fought it and trained and tried to change things. You have the most irritatingly flippant outlook on everything. You can’t take anything seriously. You harbor a false member of the clan. But everyone loves Junsai. I mean, you’re the damn clan heir and we both know you’re hardly qualified. It makes no sense. This world makes no sense." With each word, Hageshī moved closer to his rival until he was mere inches from him. It was sort of a threat, sort of a power move. And with each word, hatred grew in his heart. His face burned with anger, eyes stung and throat constricted. Then, too calmly, he stated, "And I’m sick of it."

He tried to slow his shaking hands, calm his breathing and relax his expression. This wasn't like him. The mission was making him act like this. Junsai was making him act like this.

I never wanted this life.
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